About Us

woohden family wooden structure


As diehard music fans and passionate woodworkers, we, at SoundsGood, wanted to find the best of both worlds: fantastic, affordable audio products that beautifully integrate wood, when possible.

In our quest to find great audio products, we found out that we liked the organic sound that comes with wooden earphones and speakers. To us, that makes sense since many music instruments are made out of wood and many of the world's greatest speakers too 🔥.

High end wooden airpods would be great, we seriously would like to make that happen. 

We are glad to share our passion with you here and hope you find something you love! If not, stay tuned, as new products will be added to the store progressively.

If you wondered what kind of wood project we are working on, have a look!


Aubier │The Wooden Belt, using authentic Rosewood and other fine species. The wood we use is sourced from surplus from AAA veneer manufacturers that would otherwise be thrown away. The core is made from rubbercork, sourced from recycled cork and rubber (wine and tires). It works with powerful magnets and it is reinforced with Kevlar!



Poirier │ Vertically Laminated tables made with the construction industry plywood wastes, a circular economy initiave.


Rotule │High end downhill and carving skateboards. Because we love to skate fast and send deep carves!


By getting yourself some great products in our modest store, you also help us bring our projects to life. The Woohden team thanks you !