About Us

So, who's behind Sounds Good?

We're 3 friends (Gabriel, Phil and Yan) from Quebec City, Canada. Sounds Good was an idea that originated during the summer of 2019. Slowly, we looked at how we could make this business a reality without doing "dropshipping". Honestly, who likes to wait 20 to 45 days before receiving their order? We certainly did not! And that's how it all started for us.

Before selling online, we debuted by testing different products with different prices at our local flea market (Marché Jean-Talon, Québec). Every weekend for 4 months, we would go there and sell our products from 8 to 5. Yep, you've read that correctly: Every. Weekend.

By making our first sales and gathering feedback in person from our first customers, we were able to learn faster, scale our business, and take it online while staying true to our values:

  1. Only sell products you'd personally recommend to friends
  2. Don't bullshit your customers
  3. A great experience comes from a great customer service
  4. Don't treat your customers like all other dropshipping companies do (disclaimer: we don't do dropshipping!)

Still not believing us? Here's a few pictures of us at the flea market in our beginnings. 


(Obviously this last one with Yan sneezing was too funny not to put it there! 😂)

Beside having fun building this business and providing quality products and great customer service, the idea behind Sounds Good is to help to make our other projects happen!

If you wondered what kind of projects we are working on, have a look!

Aubier (Prototype Stage)

The Wooden Belt, using authentic Rosewood and other fine species. The wood we use is sourced from surplus from AAA veneer manufacturers that would otherwise be thrown away. The core is made from rubbercork, sourced from recycled cork and rubber (wine and tires). It works with powerful magnets and it is reinforced with Kevlar! It may sound crazy, but the product development started in 2016 and we still working on it!

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Vertically Laminated tables made with the construction industry plywood wastes, a circular economy initiative.



High end downhill and carving skateboards.

Because we love to skate fast and send deep carves! Rotule was founded is 2008 and is known to make some of the best longboards in the world. Note that the official production stopped in 2014, but Rotule could make a real comeback someday.

Check out this video!

rotule desert eagle and speed karrot muir skate


By getting yourself some great products in our modest store, you also help us bring our projects to life. The Sounds Good team thanks you !