Who is behind Sounds Good?

We are three friends and business partners who met in an entrepreneurship and design intensive summer course at Laval University, in 2016. We quickly bonded over shared life and business values, like environmental awareness, transparency, integrity and most of all, the importance of design, customer experience and new production technologies (CNC milling, laser cutting, 3D printing, etc.).

We developed and refined our common vision by managing a blog about sustainability, veganism and clean-tech for 2 years, with relative success (around 75K reads). Blogging was nice, but we grew eager for more complete, more concrete projects. Two of the co-founders used their technical knowledge and began working separately on two promising projects: minimalist, vegan, magnetized wooden belts for one, and winter mittens insulated with milkweed, an indigenous american plant with amazing properties.

At first, Sounds Good was supposed to be a small project to gain experience until the other two projects were ready, and maybe to help finance them. We wanted a low-key venture to introduce us to e-commerce with all its complexities and while being at it, sell useful and affordable products… But what a journey! A few months after the October 2019 soft-launch, sales began to skyrocket. So much so that the “low-key, temporary” project became a thing of its own, a full-fledged business with a mission:

”To provide Canadians with excellent wireless earbuds, a warranty and service that would put big companies to shame, and all this at a fraction of big-brands prices! We only sell products that we would personally recommend to our friends and family”.

We started very small by selling every weekend at our local flea market (Marché Jean-Talon), while building and improving our online store.

For us, selling online is a natural extension of this foundational in-person debut. It is a necessary step to grow, but we never gave up our values of integrity, honesty, selflessness and humility that are crucial to sell anything, in-person or online. To this day, if you write to Sounds Good, you will get a quick response and feel like it’s one of your friends answering. When you order from us, you are guaranteed to get your money’s worth, and then some. You will be treated with the utmost attention and respect (an absolute priority for us), while also supporting the Canadian economy.

More than just an earbud company

Thanks to Sounds Good’s growth, we were able to launch our second company, Lasclay. Outdoor accessories, designed and made in Canada and insulated with milkweed, a local plant-fiber with superior performance, ethics and eco-friendliness than any other insulating material. (To learn more, it’s right here: https://lasclay.com)

And soon, we will launch a third company, Aubier: Minimalist, stylish wooden belts made entirely in Canada mostly with recycled materials. (More information here: https://aubier.co)

When you buy from Sounds Good, you’re doing more than just buying another pair of earbuds like all others. You make sure that your hard-earned money will go far and help create promising projects for our Canadian society and environment. All this, with your music in your ears, a little smile on your face and no lousy entangled earbud wire ruining this great moment!

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