Our environmental initiatives

Inevitably, electronics produce waste. Yet it is in the core values of Sounds Good's founders to minimize the environmental footprint of their activities. As we continue to develop our environmental responsibility initiatives, here are some examples we have already implemented.

Removing the cable

Due to the fact that the majority of Android phone owners already own a USB-C cable, we prefer to sell the cables separately in order to reduce the proliferation of cables. Beginning with iPhone 15, Apple plans to transition to USB-C ports from lightning ports.

Reducing box volume

Although our packaging is minimal, it still contains a plastic-based foam. A new, fully recyclable Ultimate V6 box is under development using only recycled cardboard. It will be available in 2023.

Single Part Replacement

You lost an earbud in the subway or your dog chewed it up? We offer affordable replacement parts for damaged or lost parts. By doing so, we encourage our customers to reuse functional parts rather than throw them away, resulting in less waste. Whatever the reason, feel free to contact us at hello@soundsgood.ca.


Those who have contacted some of the larger companies know that sometimes they can't get an answer to their questions. You can count on our customer service team to assist you with any questions you may have. We want you to be able to use and get the most out of our products. This won't be just another product you purchased and didn't use.

Sustainable delivery

All deliveries within Canada for orders placed on our website are now carbon-neutral thanks to the environmental initiatives of our carrier, Canada Post, which means they offset the carbon emissions resulting from shipments by land. We are thrilled to work with Canada Post to provide more sustainable shipping options to our Canadian customers, while also contributing to environmental protection. Learn more

Quality Control

Each of our products is tested by a third-party company on site in China to ensure proper functioning. This reduces the number of defective units and avoids unnecessary shipping.


As we allow customers to try and return our products within 15-days, we do carry some inventory that isn't completely new, but almost. The parts from returned earbuds can sometimes be salvaged and repurposed to make a new pair. In many cases, we are able to refurbish returned products and sell them at a lower price.