GUIDE: Ultimate V6 or SG Mini?

Ready to treat yourself to a pair of Sounds Good earbuds but unsure which model to choose? Let us guide you through a detailed comparison of the unique strengths of the Ultimate V6 and SG Mini for the ideal experience.


The SG Mini earbuds are more comfortable and better suited for small ears. They offer better fit and are generally a better choice for calls than the V6.

The V6, on the other hand, are compatible with wireless charging and have a 7-hour battery life (compared to 5 hours for the Mini). They also provide slightly better sound quality than the SG Mini and are more effective at blocking ambient noise.

The choice between the V6 and SG Mini earbuds depends on use and personal preference.

Form Factor

  • While the V6 are suitable for most people, if you have small ear canals and struggle to find earbuds that fit your small ears, the SG Mini are probably your only option.
  •  If you're looking for lightweight, subtle, and delicate earbuds, the SG Mini are for you. 
  • If you have good hands and prefer something more robust, the V6 are likely a better choice.


  • For most of our customers, the V6 fit really well. They can be twisted in a back-and-forth motion, as if screwing them into the ears. However, those with too small or too large ears may have difficulty with the fit. 
  • The SG Mini, on the other hand, fit really well for almost everyone. With their small silicone hooks, you can do cartwheels and any yoga position with your head in all directions, and the SG Mini will stay in place without any problems! In any case, the SG Mini are superior to the V6 in terms of fit.

Sound Quality

  • Let's start by mentioning that the ear tips play a major role in sound perception. If you find there's a lack of bass, it's usually because the ear tips are too small and don't seal your ears well enough. The SG Mini have been developed more for sports and allow some ambient noise to pass through, which sometimes (depending on the type of ear) detracts from the depth of the bass. For people with "regular" sized ears, we recommend adding the ear tips of the Ultimate V6 and seeing, according to your use, which you prefer. For smaller ears, the V6 ear tips usually make a marginal difference.
  • In general, the Ultimate V6 offer better definition across all frequency ranges, the sound is richer, dynamic, and the bass is more punchy. The difference between the Mini and the V6 is not major for the average person, while an audiophile might say the difference is significant.

Noise Cancellation

  • The V6 are so good at blocking ambient noise that it would be almost unnecessary to add an Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) feature. Their plug shape fits very well to the shape of the ears, sealing them very effectively and cutting you off from the rest of the world. The SG Mini, on the other hand, let in a bit of sound to keep you aware of your surroundings. Again, it is possible to improve the noise cancellation of the SG Mini with the ear tips of the Ultimate V6, but the result will not be as marked as with the V6, but not far off!


  • For some people, especially those with small ears, the V6 can be uncomfortable (like most in-ear headphones). For "regular" sized ears, the V6 are comfortable. Nevertheless, in all cases, the SG Mini are the champions of comfort. We have customers who could not tolerate any pair of in-ear headphones, except for the SG Mini. If comfort is the most important factor for you, the SG Mini are undoubtedly the best choice.


  • While the Ultimate V6 produce clear communication, they have the flaw of capturing ambient noise, which can be unpleasant for the person on the other end. In a quiet environment, the V6 perform very well. The SG Mini, on the other hand, are less likely to capture ambient noise and are generally better for calls. The V6 may offer a better experience than the Mini in a quiet environment, but the Mini adapt better to all situations. If you plan to use your earbuds to make a lot of calls in various contexts, the Mini are clearly the better choice.


  • the form factor of the SG Mini is ideal for this use. If you want to block more ambient noise for sleeping, we suggest adding the ear tips of the Ultimate V6 to your purchase, which are also compatible with the SG Mini. The difference between the ear tips of the Mini and the V6 will be more or less noticeable depending on the type of ear. Small ears will notice less of a difference, while for some ears, the difference is quite remarkable.

Battery Life

  • While the Mini offer 5 hours of music listening and 4 hours of call time, the V6 offer 7 hours of music and 5 hours of call time (and 4 full recharges with the case in both cases). The SG Mini, due to their small size, cannot accommodate a larger battery that would allow for longer autonomy.

Wireless Charging

  • Only the V6 offer induction charging.


  • In addition to the AAC and SBC codecs, the Ultimate V6, unlike the Mini, offer the aptX Adaptive codec. Note that to benefit from the performance of the aptX Adaptive codec, you need a device compatible with this codec.

Water Resistance

  • While the V6 are IPX5 (can withstand a sustained low-pressure water jet. Not recommended for use in the shower), the Mini are IPX4 (resistant to water splashes from all directions). Legend has it that the V6 have survived wash cycles, but know that if they survive initially, they may suffer permanent damage that will occur later.

So, which earbuds are for you? The Ultimate V6 or the SG Mini?