Returns & Warranty

At Sounds Good, we've been standing out for some time now because of our solid warranties that beat even most major brands. With us, there's no fine print, no long days waiting for a response that never comes. Buying a Sounds Good product is literally risk-free, thanks to our unique Satisfaction Warranty.

Satisfaction Warranty

You have a 15-day period from the date you receive your order to try your earbuds. Unlike major brands, we allow the customer to open their box and wear the product without it affecting the validity of the warranty.


If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of the product, simply email us at and you will receive a free return and a full refund. Efficient, honest, fast, risk-free! The worst that could happen with us is this:

Review of Sounds Good wireless earbuds


If your order is to be given as a gift, the 15-day period begins when the gift is opened and the same rules apply. This policy is permanent (not just the Christmas period) and once again, is almost unique on the market.

Defects and major bugs 1-year Warranty

Quality control is one of our top priorities, as is customer satisfaction. We therefore offer a 1 year unconditional warranty on all our products. Whether it's a defect or an inscrutable bug, you are covered and we'll take care of you.

Think about it: If as a small company we can afford to offer the same (or a better) warranty as big brands, it is because we trust our products, plain and simple. We invest time and money to keep the number of defective pairs or earbuds very low.

But if you're a generally unlucky person who never wins at Bingos, slips on ice patches all winter, constantly hits its pinky toe on furniture or runs into technical problems with our product, we will be there for you. We don't let anyone down. Well, just for technical problems, we can't do anything for your stubbed toes unfortunately! 😅

Friendly, efficient after-sales service

If you have a problem or bug, you can first check our Help Center right here. If you don’t find your solution there, you can also write directly to and we will be happy to assist you. We have many tips and tricks to fix a lot of common bugs and with us, any problem is solved quickly, kindly and without abusing your patience. Not all companies can say the same 😉