Summer 2016
Our entrepreneurial journey begins

Gabriel, Philippe, and I (Yan) – the three co-founders of Sounds Good, crossed paths during a summer entrepreneurship course. We were three heads brimming with ideas and ambition, so we decided to team up. After countless spirited discussions and a few strong cups of coffee, we decided to turn our initial project, a platform aimed at raising awareness about corporate environmental responsibilities, into a reality. But let's be honest, that project required significant resources, and our wallets resembled those of students. Consequently, that platform never saw the light of day, but our passion for sustainable development remained unquenched. We decided to stay active by writing blog articles on sustainable development.

Fall 2019
Our stand at Marché Jean-Talon

Ambitious projects filled our heads, and we thoroughly explored every conceivable avenue to fund our entrepreneurial dreams on our terms. After a few unsuccessful attempts, a brilliant idea surfaced: selling wireless earbuds. We decided to experiment with this idea in a hands-on manner, quite literally. We rolled up our sleeves and set up shop at Marché Jean-Talon on weekends, selling our products in person. A few months later, Sounds Good was thriving, and our small wireless earbud stand marked the beginning of something much bigger. That's when we launched our online store, aiming to share our love for sound to a larger audience.

Le vent dans les voiles

Ce petit projet de week-end appelé Sounds Good a rapidement grandi pour devenir une entreprise florissante. Notre succès était le fruit de notre dévouement à placer la satisfaction de nos clients au sommet de notre liste de priorités. C'était un signe que nous faisions quelque chose de vraiment unique, que notre approche singulière nous démarquait de la concurrence, et cela a rapidement fait boule de neige.

Fall 2020
The early days of Lasclay

With the growing success of Sounds Good, we were able to finance the launch of another business: Lasclay. Outdoor accessories crafted entirely in Quebec and insulated with milkweed, a native Quebec plant that produces a fiber that is warmer, more waterproof and more environmentally friendly than any other insulation. Today, Lasclay is an independent entity, driven by Gabriel, who is propelling it forward at full speed.

December 2021
Impactful Media feature

Like a true Christmas gift, an article by Alain McKenna in Le Devoir thrust Sounds Good and Lasclay into the spotlight, opening doors to new opportunities.

"At this price, [Sounds Good products] compete with very cheap products sold online by little-known foreign merchants or by very mainstream electronics brands. To distinguish itself, Sounds Good provides human and personalized customer service [...]"

Alain McKenna, Le Devoir
Fall 2022
Launching Aubier

Sounds Good was the catalyst for launching another local business, a project particularly close to my heart. For several years, I had been working on creating a magnetic belt prototype. It was in the fall of 2022 that we finally introduced this Quebec innovation to the market, proudly offering the very first Aubier belts after years of rigorous development and testing. Aubier belts are one-of-a-kind, designed without buckles, handcrafted in our Quebec workshop, using recycled cork-rubber and cactus leather.

The story continues

Time has flown by since our humble beginnings, but our commitment to our core values remains unwavering. Gabriel and Philippe have since embarked on new adventures, leaving me at the helm of Sounds Good. The new vision? To become a significant player in the Quebec economy and the audio industry. But our ambitions don't stop there. We are determined to play an active role in our community by supporting local athletes, giving a helping hand to music groups, and actively participating in fundraising efforts. Our values and vision evolve with the ever-changing societal landscape, but one thing remains unchanged: customer satisfaction continues to guide our way. We are resolute in creating memorable experiences for all of you.