Our entrepreneurial journey begins

Gabriel, Philippe and Yan, the three co-founders of Sounds Good, met at a summer course on entrepreneurship and quickly bonded. In their course project, they had the idea to create a platform to challenge companies on their environmental responsibilities, a project they continued to work on after the course was over. The platform never saw the light of day due to the enormous amount of resources required, but they continued working together by blogging about sustainable development.

Local flea market

Yan had been working on a wooden belt prototype for a few years, and they wanted to find a way to finance the project so that it could continue to be developed. That’s when Phil suggested selling wireless earbuds at the flea market on weekends. Within a few months, the success of Sounds Good became evident and an online store was launched to expand sales throughout Quebec.

We are gaining momentum

Sounds Good started as a weekend project and slowly evolved into a successful business that could reinvest its profits into other projects. Customer satisfaction was the driving force behind Sounds Good's success.

September 2020
Launching Lasclay

Thanks to Sounds Good's growth, they were able to bring a second company into the world: Lasclay. A line of 100% Canadian-made outdoor accessories, insulated with milkweed, a plant native to Quebec that produces a fiber that is warmer, more waterproof and more environmentally friendly than any other insulation.

Today, Gabriel leads the Lasclay project and ensures its growth while Yan and Phil continue the Sounds Good adventure.

Media coverage

At this price, [Sounds Good products] compete with very cheap products sold online by little-known foreign merchants or by very mainstream electronics brands. To distinguish itself, Sounds Good provides human and personalized customer service [...].

Alain McKenna, Le Devoir
September 2022
Launching Aubier

Fall 2022 marks the official launch of the project Aubier, the first magnetic belts without buckles, made from recycled cork-rubber and cactus leather.

After several years of development, the founders of Sounds Good, Lasclay and now Aubier are proud to introduce this Canadian innovation, a belt that is comfortable, simpler, and more practical than traditional buckle belts.

Designed and made in Canada, Aubier belts are unique and carefully crafted.

The story continues

From its inception, Sounds Good has been driven by the same values. Being curious by nature, we're constantly looking for new products to develop, while keeping our customers' satisfaction in mind. After successfully launching our e-commerce business in Canada, we are now in a position to think bigger and sell internationally without ever forgetting our Canadian/Quebec roots.