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Our team...Our guy.

Not all heroes wear capes.

Gabriel Sounds Good Support Gif boit une tasse de thé

This is our customer service manager Gabriel, the warrior who, alone in his throne computer chair, a sword coffee mug in hand, withstands questions asked by hordes of curious, happy or confused customers. Day after day, and night after night. That is the difference between Sounds Good and big brands.

Your call is really important for us.

We are a small brand selling exclusively online, so customer satisfaction is almost a matter of life and death for our company. Okay, we like being a little bit dramatic sometimes, but we take customer experience seriously!

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Gabriel will read and carefully answer to any demand you may have, even late at night or on weekends sometimes. We tried to stop him and make him human, but he’s a customer service cyborg! But at least, he’s a very gentle machine, like Wall-E or R2D2!

Help Center

Unfortunately, we still have to eat, sleep and watch Netflix from time to time. So if we’re not available for a quick response at any given time, you can have a look at our pretty useful help center, right here.

Social media interactions

Over the years, we have gained a reputation as social media samurais. We tend to be peaceful and polite, we like to have fun with people and we are very friendly with everybody, in general. But, if somebody isn’t nice with us, we won’t hesitate to draw our well-sharpened, katana-like jokes to make a little bit of fun of someone.

Like this poor dude, who tried to say we weren’t true Canadians because we were from Quebec 😇


Sometimes, we also have to reassure potential clients that think we're a scam.

Canadian company Sounds Good



But well, most of the time we’re just really friendly and we have no problem laughing at ourselves sometimes!

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