Air2 Super - Balanced sound (Sourced from a quality manufacturer)

$78.95 $58.99


Having tested MANY fake Airpods, we believe that the best Airpod replica that can seriously be considered as Apple equivalents are those. With pop up display and wireless charging, active noise-cancellation, touch sensors, enhanced bass and excellent audio quality, the Air2 Super are a very good choice 🔥😲. 

You could easily invest your savings from buying those in something more worthwhile, like the mozart mini :) 

For less that $269, which is the price of the original wireless charging airpods, you can get yourself those Ultimate Airpods V4 and the most awesome little radio money can buy. Even after that, you'll still have 35$ in you pocket, enough to enjoy a massive pizza with some friends, enjoying your best tracks on your mozart mini :)

Please don't get scammed from other cheap sellers, you will end up with i12 at high price (most blackpods are i12) or fakes of fakes, like i200 re branded as i10 000. The fake airpods market is a real jungle, a lot of different manufacturers are making the same model, but quality vary from one another.  If they come in different colors, expect i12. The recent very good airpod reps are not available in differents colors, at least not yet. If it says: only 6 left in stock, sale ends in 2 minutes, please laugh. Oh, yeah, and pop-ups saying John Doe just bought some in Edmonton, Canada, 5 minutes ago, it's all BS.

Ships from Canada (get them in 3-4 days).

More Product Details:

  • Bluetooth distance: 15 meters 
  • Playing time: about 3 hours 
  • Talk Time: about 20 hours
  • Charging time: 1 hour
  • Standby time: about 15 days
  • Bluetooth: V5.0 Will pair with all Bluetooth enabled phones and other Bluetooth devices
  • No flashing light
  • Language: English

What’s Included:

  • A Pair of Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds (2 Pieces) - original and tested i200 TWS
  • One Charging Case
  • One Charging Cable - Lightning  
  • User Manual


  • They will work with any iPhones with iOS 10 or above.
  • They work with most Android Phones too.
  • You can certainly run with them. In order for them to hold better, we suggest to tip the base slightly forward (towards your chin) rather than straight down.


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  • Buy 2 get 10% off. Use code B2G10.


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