TinHIFI T2 - High End DJ earphones - The classic IEMs bargain



These guys are HIFI in-ears monitors. They sprout an audiophile quality level of sound we would describle as CRISPS AF. The price to awesomeness ratio of the T2 is unbeatable.

In other terms, they sound like 200$ + headphones. A perfect gift to any music lover that wants to dive deeper in the level of details he can ear from his favorites tracks.

We also prefer them to the T3 as T2's cord feels stronger and simply looks better. T2's sound, we believe, is more fun than the may be too balanced sound of the T3.

A nice feature of these earphones is that you can listen to music for long periods of time and not getting ear fatigue.


Model Number: T2
Frequency Response Range: 12-40000Hz
Sensitivity: 102dB
Resistance: 16Ω