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All Blackpods are not made equal ! If you are looking for the very best Blackpods money can buy, the Ultimate Blackpods V5 is the answer. 

If you are on a lower budget, the regular Blackpods are a good alternative.

Here are few questions we get from our customers:

Are you going to sell Blackpods Pro in the future?

The short answer is: not at the moment.

Several sites offer them, but according to our supplier, the current fake Airpods Pro models are not worth what they're being sold for. As of now, no copies that we know of have a real noise cancelling effect, even though several resellers promise it. Occasionally, we make small orders to test the quality of the new Airpods Pro models that are sold by our supplier, but we don't sell them on our website because they have always been below our quality standard since. Unfortunately, we prefer to wait for something better before offering them!

What are the differences between your Ultimate Blackpods V5 and the regular Blackpods?

The Ultimate Blackpods V5 have more similarities to the real AirPods than the regular Blackpods. Overall, the V5 have better electronics components, which results in better durability, a more than doubled battery autonomy, and unmatched microphone and overall sound quality. The higher quality of the Ultimate V5 model enables us to offer a 1-year warranty when you buy them, compared to 60 days for the regular Blackpods. Here are more of the V5 characteristics, that are absent in the other model:

- Wireless Qi charging (induction),

- Customizable tactile functions,

- Smart touch.

I've seen Blackpods on other websites. Why are yours called "Ultimate Blackpods V5" anyway?

Here's the thing about the "names" of Airpods replicas: they are meaningless. They most often don't mean anything regarding quality. Whether you call them i7, i9, i12, i178, i100, i200, i500, i9000, Blxpods, Blvkpods, Batpods, UrbanPods, etc. on other websites, believe us, our team has seen them all!

They are usually marketing names or rebranding, and often, the same product has multiple names depending on the company that's selling them. Even if you buy exactly the same model with a specific name from 2 different resellers (and, sometimes even the same product twice from the same reseller), you can get totally different products. The outcome is never the same, and we call this a "Russian Roulette" for the customer experience.  All the manufacturers are in Shenzhen, China, and share the same boxes and "shells" for their Blackpods.

What is really important is inside (aka the electronic components). For now, we use Jieli chips for all our Airpods replicas. If you still want a common model name to compare to our pods: the basic model is comparable to the i12, and the V5 to the i9000 (but both with much better sound and durability, because we asked our trusted supplier to upgrade the electronic components inside).